Handmade clothing and accessories

Welcome to my little corner of the world!  Sit down, grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you a little about myself and how Ali’s Cottage came to be.


My name is Ali and I’m a thirty something mother to a wonderful little sprite of a daughter and a wife to the most supportive husband on earth.  I was born and raised in a little subdivision of Seattle, Washington.  My parents are awesome and still married and I have a younger sister.  I have a HUGE extended family including many aunts, uncles and cousins and I love them all.  Each and every single one of them.  You see, family is important to me.  For me, they are part of my story, the very essence of who I am.  It’s funny how the act of loving a child and spending time with them when they are younger can leave such a lasting impression.  I am a product of that love and in turn, that love helps me see beauty and reason in all things.

I didn’t grow up with any crafty people, nobody in my family sews.  It’s still a great mystery to me why at 19 I decided to pick up a sewing machine.  Honestly, the whim came out of the blue.  I’m still scratching my head.  I’ve always been creative though, I love textiles like nobodys business.

I’ve been told many times over that I have an old soul and if there is such a thing than it’s probably true.  The things that inspire me tend to lean toward the vintage side of things.  Houses, clothing, textiles, cars, books…I love everything older….even people.  When I’m not working you can usually find me wandering antique stores, flea markets, estate and yard sales and thrift shops, with family in tow, looking for that special item that “speaks to me”.  Don’t mind me…I think EVERYTHING has a story to tell. I’m sure it drives my family crazy too.

When my daughter was born I combed antique stores looking for vintage patterns and textiles to make her cute little frocks.  Dresses, skirts I even learned how to knit.  I’ve been sewing for her for 8 long years and I’ll tell you the reason why.  Now, I like store bought clothes…don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE handmade clothes.  They’re unique, created by hand and I consider them to be a labor of love.  Often times they get passed down from generation to generation because they are special and they ALWAYS have a story to tell.  I still have handmade things from when I was little and I have such attachment to them.

Ali’s Cottage was created with all this in mind.  One summer day I walked into my sewing studio and looked at the mounds of fabric stacked neatly on the shelf and I thought to myself..”I’m going to start sewing professionally”.  Just like picking up my sewing machine at 19, it felt like the right thing to do, the right path for me to take.  With each garment I made, my heart grew.  I could imagine a happy mother or father dressing their child and feeling good about it.  I imagined a little girl smiling, dancing and twirling and playing about and feeling confident.  I imagined the memories they would make together, the trips they would take and all the places my little dress would go.

Each dress is unique.  There are no two alike.  Why?  Because I believe each child is an individual and I wanted my dresses to reflect that.  They are created by my loving hands in a house in Clarkston, Washington that’s over 120 years old.  The materials I use are new and vintage and most of my dresses are my designs.


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